Your grammar and the way you write your website copy can make a huge impact on your Search Ranking Results in Google. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your copy/content doesn’t matter. Google has very sophisticated bots using AI technology that can learn and they scan and pickup on very complicated concepts like grammar and phrases that do not make sense.

The google bots are looking for sentences that not only make sense, they are grammatically correct, and they are useful to your customers in the buying and decision making process involved in buying your products or services. Get a copywriter to write your content . especially one that writes for SEO companies, but do not ASK SOMEONE from a foreign country to write your copy. It will be grammatically incorrect more than likely, and it will also not be original copy/words.

You will get told that the copy was original but 9 times out of 10, you can bet its been plagerised from somewhere online and you will eventually get punished by google for duplicate content somewhere along the line, and sometines after spending big money on SEO.

My advice is to get your copy written from a PROFESSIONAL COPY WRITER or similar, that is located within Australia so you can be much more confident ot will be high quality copy. Sure get them to use your selected keywords within your copy, but they will make sure its inserted in a professional way. One copywriter that I recommend is Joanne Ryan from Infodec, her work is very high quality ans she is very reliable.

I often write copy for my clients if they have no budget for a professional copywriter, but its always worth every cent in the long run to spend the money in this area.