SEO tips for Small Business

Keyword Research

The critical part of getting your SEO right is getting the right keywords to focus on. Your keyword research should be thorough and once you compile the list of perfect keywords and phrases that people will use in their Search attempts to connect with your business you are half way there.

Tip No#1.

Make sure you have great, relevent and helpful content on your website, especially your home page. Google bots use AI to locate websites with useful content for their audiences. As their technology becomes more and more sophisticated, the need for supplying ORIGINAL copy that makes sense and is not full of phrases that don’t make sense, will become 100% essential. In fact it is essential now and if you think your website does not have quality content get it fixed asap.

Tip No#2.

Use a plugin like YOAST to help you setup your in page” optimisation for your selected keywords. Yoast has great little tools to help you to know how to fix your copy and make it compatible with google search requests.

Tip No#3.

Setup your own Google account in your business name and start using this as the marketing hub for your business. From here you can run Adwords, Register for Google Places, and get your website verified so google knows it exists and you can use Google Maps in your website.

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