Starting a new business and buying new equipment, office fitouts and computers etc can be a very expensive exercise. Saving costs can become all important when the funds start to run dry. Setting up your business online can also be costly with designers and web developers and IT people being involved, so little wonder there is nothing left when it comes to the actual marketing of your website. Here you will find a few tips to kick start your SEO with small things you can do yourself or ask your web developer to help you with.

I always offer these services to my clients when I build them a new website and they are looking at doing some of their own activities to assist their website in getting a ranking on google search. One of the first things and the most important things is the actual platform that your website has been built on. I know this will not be popular with the Wix and Shopify lovers of the world, but the NO.1 platform for SEO success is WordPress. Hands down.

Sombrilla Digital mainly specialise in WordPress Websites because of this compatibility with all of the requirements for good SEO on your website. One of the first things to do is getting an SEO Plugin installed into your wordpress site. I prefer 2 plugins, one is called YOAST and the other is ALL IN ONE SEO.

These 2 plugins have the highest rating scores and are the most commonly used, therefore they are also regularly updated by the developers who designed them, and they keep them updated to be compatible with the new releases of wordpress updates. Keeping these plugins updated is very important as this keeps your site more secure and allows your site more defense against hackers and intrusions.

Yoast have some great training videos on you tube and they also have an installation wizard to help you get the plugin setup and ready to go.

The second recommendation I have is to make sure you setup your google account and get your website verified and scanned by google. There are tutorials for this on google and site verification is now essential for running google maps , google analytics and setting up Yoast and All in one SEO.

Make sure you also have an XML sitemap page dedicated and registered with google to help bots index your website quickly and easily. If google like your website, they will rank you better.

The third recommendation is to make sure your website loads fast and your images are OPTIMIZED. You can also use plugins for this and one that comes to mind is called TINY PNG. Google likes websites that load quickly, and are easy to index.

The fourth recommendation is make sure your website is mobile responsive and check out how your website re-configures to smaller screens and devices. Google will severely punish websites that are not mobile responsive because as we all know, 85% of visitors to your website will be viewing it on a mobile device, so this has become a huge ranking prerequisite from Google. On the back of this, you also need to make sure looks good on each size screen.

The last recommendation and the biggest ranking secret is to have good, informative and clearly written information on your website that will help visitors in making a decision

Keyword Research

Make sure before you start that you have a list of the keywords that you want to target on your website and follow the instructions in Yoast to optimise these keywords into your content, page titles, meta tags and in page optimisation. With the right Keywords and the steps outlined above, you are well on your way to great Organic Search Results for your new website. If you want to know more you can email me at