SEO is a complex set of rules and regulations that you can follow to make your website what they call ” SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZED”.

This means that your website is in an optimal state for the google search bots to scan your website and make sense of your site structure, and if it ticks all the boxes, they will give it a high ranking. The RANKING means that if Google Bots think that your website is a useful tool and informative to people using their search engine to find things, then they will make sure it shows up more often in certain searches that match the products and services you are selling.

For example, if you own a Dental Surgery and your website has loads of useful information about all aspects of dental care, dental procedures, FAQ’S, blogs relating to dental care, dental issues and what people need to know, then your website will be favoured by the bots when people search for dentists ( this is very simplified so you can get the basic idea).

Another word you will hear all the time from SEO people is BACKLINKS.

Backlinks, are links that are placed on other people’s websites that link back to your website to reference useful information about certain subjects and products etc. There are a lot of SEO people who add bad backlinks to your website from other sites that are not relevent and this is bad. Make sure that your backlinks are good backlinks, quality backlinks and they are there for a good reason. Backlinking is still a massive part of SEO but my feeling is it will become less so, as the search results criteria become more sophisticated. My guess is that if you are more active on social media and more people are online chatting about your products and referencing your website and people are visting your website regularly, this will be much more effective.

Talk to us about this complex set of criteria from Google and how we can help you with your website.