Seo Companies will be able to advise you on the best ways to increase you Google Search Ranking and they will be able to do a Keyword Analysis on your particular industry to find out which keywords you would be best to target. There is a huge amount of tools available for SEO Companies to use to get a clear picture of what your competitors are targeting as keywords, and what keywords are the most commonly searched in order to find products ans services the same or similar to yours.

You can do a certain amount of SEO on your website yourself, but like any service, you should really leave it to the EXPERTS if you want to proper results, and a great ROI on your marketing dollars. SEO experts can offer you far more insights into how to manage keywords and they know all of the tips and tricks to get your website found by the RIGHT CUSTOMERS.

Always make sure you ask your SEO professional to give you results of other campaigns they have done for other clients and ask them for some references so you can check them out. I do see a lot of people handing over huge amounts of money to people who claim to be SEO experts and have very little or no training in the area of marketing online.

There is a huge depth of knowledge that you need to have to be a real SEO expert and you need to make sure they are not farming the work out to overseas companies or no little or NOTHING about the Australian market let alone your Local Search Market. Go Local if you can and ask lots of questions before committing. Another tip is to find a company that offers no fixed contract SEO. I do recommend though that if you decide to undertake SEO marketing you need to give yourself a good 6 months to see the real results. The thing with ORGANIC SEARCH is that it takes time, and pulling the pin early can sometimes to be premature to seeing results that you are looking for.

Adwords in contrast to SEO, will give you instant results in search depending on the dollars you spend on the keywords you are bidding on. The more money you spend the more times you will appear in the sponsored ads section of the search results. SEO can take a long time but once you are ranking well for your particular KEYWORDS, its pretty hard to get rid of you from Search Results and if you compare this to the on going cost of bidding on keywords sometimes the price difference can be astounding.

Its all about the spend. You pay for what you get. Just make sure you choose wisely and talk to us about our NO FIXED CONTRACT SEO packages, that you can stop at any time, no lock ins.